Whether your goal is to lose five to ten kilos or just to increase your general fitness levels, our personalised fitness programs will help you achieve real results.

Group FITNESS Training

Motivation 4 fitness offers a group fitness training to all age groups and types of people. The only pre requisite is that you are interested in changing your lifestyle to become healthier and improving your fitness levels.

At Motivation 4 fitness we have developed a fitness program which will enable you to achieve the body and mind you have always dreamed of. We will help you to focus on your overall health and wellbeing to maximise you potential through a combination of fitness training, nutrition education and lifestyle coaching.

The main benefits of our services are:

  • You will become more confident, stronger and faster.
  • You will receive a personalized program where you are able to have input in setting realistic goals. We will then motivate you to achieve these.
  • You will change your lifestyle and become more active and have better nutritional habits.
  • We will make ourselves and our resources available to you when you need them.
  • Able to train with like minded people who are trying to achieve similar results.

Campbelltown, SA Group Fitness Trainging

  • Do you live in the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide and want to undertake an exciting and new fitness program?
  • Are you able to travel to the Campbelltown area to attend your fitness training?
  • Do you find it hard to stay motivated and inspired in a stuffy and same old gym environment?

If you answer yes to these questions, motiation4fitness could offer you the new fitness program you are looking for. We are located in the north eastern suburb of Adelaide in the City of Campbelltown council area.

We pride ourselves on providing a more personalised services where the personal trainers help you to achieve your fitness goals with the help and support you need.

Group training means that you can still receive a great service from a personal trainer at a fraction of the price of a one on one session and we also ensure that we are always contactable to answer any questions at no extra cost.

Health and Fitness Evaluation

Every new member receives the following services when paying for a three month membership.


This is the starting point where we find out exactly what you are capable of at your current fitness level and the best way to progress you to feeling fitter and stronger with higher energy levels throughout the day.

We will work with your current health professionals such as GP’s, physios, chiropractors etc, to make sure we are working on the same page as them in providing you with the safest most effective route to losing unwanted body fat and feeling better about yourself than you ever have before.

Goal Assessment Tool

We want you to be successful in this exciting journey to living a healthy lifestyle. To do this we need to know certain things like - How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? What exercises would you like to do? When do you want to have all of this by? Our goal assessment session will outline and cement your plan.

Our training sessions are designed to be done outdoors. They are not boot camp sessions, they are sessions any person of any fitness level can do. Also all these sessions can be moved into an indoor facility if the weather looks like it will interfere with the session. That is the beauty of the Motivation 4 fitness programs they are not rigid and can be changed to suit all situations.

Our personalised services also mean you will always know what is happening. We will run training sessions in a central location and show you how to perform your exercise program activities. You will get full demonstration of how to use equipment safely and with maximum effectiveness for results.

You will get positive motivational encouragement and guidance at every one of these sessions.

At Motivation 4 fitness we also promise to check with the clients regularly via e-mail or by phone to discuss and celebrate your progress and answer any questions you may have.

We will also endeavour to organise a monthly get together so you are able to talk to other training buddies about your progress and maybe find out if someone has some helpful hints to help you get through those difficult times.

Another tool to help you keep on tracker is a goal progress tracker which will also be yours so that you can see our simple systems and healthy-habit-forming tricks of the trade.  The goal progress tracker is a simple but effective tool that will help you achieve the better body results you are looking for. It will reflect back to you how you are moving forward towards your goals and will keep you inspired to keep up this healthy new routine.

Your success is so important to us that when you commit to any of our programs we will have you looking great, feeling more energetic and excited about how fit and healthy you have become.


At motivation4fitness we also offer one on one training for people who feel they require this service or for a current member how would like to take their fitness training to the next level

Each one on one session if tailor made to the member and I promise that you will achieve your fitness goals and exceed your expectation. You also receive one free group session of your choice with each one on one session.

You will also receive the same support and services that our offered to our group members.

About The Owner and Personal Trainer

Just to give you a little background information on myself, I have been coaching primary school children for around 7 years, teaching them how to play soccer, football, cricket and tennis. I realised that whilst I was teaching them how to be more active and healthier, I had neglected my own health and had become overweight. So over the next two years ago I joined a fitness group (not gym based) and lost 20kg and 32 cm off my waist. Most of the people who I have trained with mentioned that my weight loss had inspired them to improve themselves.

This sort of encouragement from people made me realise that I would also like to help others change their lifestyle and become healthier, so I decided to study and become a personal trainer in my spare time. Whilst undertaking my study I was successful in helping some work colleagues turn their lives around and become more active.

So I decided to start Motivation 4 fitness and develop programs for ordinary everyday people like myself. They are based on what I have implemented to achieve my goals and also what training sessions I have developed for others.

I am super confident that these programs will work for you because I can use personal experience to help you achieve the same results. You will be able to use the same tools as me to stay motivated and achieve the body you have always dreams of.

I look forward to talking to you soon to discuss how I can help you turn your life around and start achieving results.

Sessions & Membership

Training Session Times

Early Morning
6:00am Monday to Friday

9:15am Monday and Wednesday

6:30pm Monday to Thursday

Download PDF of session times


The session will be conducted at the East Marden Primary School Oval with their gym facilities being used in weather interferes with sessions.

One on One sessions will be conducted at a different location and will be advised on application.



$0 Signing Fee - Costs no more than a cup of coffee a day!

Membership to the group training sessions costs no more than a cup of coffee daily. All group sessions are one hour in length.

Please note other times may be available but will only be offered if the numbers of people warrants other session times. You must also stipulate how many session you are planning to do each week when you pay for your membership.

Also please refer back to this website regularly to check out our exciting new sessions we will be offering each month that are been developed by our amazing personal trainers. They are designed to energise you and re invigorate your workout with new ideas and methods.

Don’t wait any longer and get started NOW on your journey. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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